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Finding personal meaning rather than blindly following a tradition leads to enlightenment ~ Reed

What we believe is as powerful as what we do.  Following blindly though can lead to consequences that in hindsight are hard to justify, especially when supporting groups or organizations  who’s influence encompass more than just one person and is based more on tradition than reason.


Finding personal meaning rather than blindly following a tradition leads to enlightenment.

Today’s Quote from Rabbi Bachye

Further Reading

More quotes from Rabbi Bachye:

“While some religious and moral duties are only obligatory at special times and in special circumstances, these duties of the heart, taught by Reason, Scripture, or Tradition, are incumbent upon us continually, all the days of our life and at every moment.”

“Although it is incumbent upon us to investigate and study the whole universe, so as to understand the wisdom and goodness of the Creator, the subject most necessary to study, as well as the nearest and most obvious, is the evidence of divine wisdom shown in all that concerns the human species. For man is the universe in little, and the proximate cause of the existence of the great world.”

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